Privacy Policy


Your email and any other information you choose to share on this site will be kept private and confidential.  Email information is used strictly for the purposes of providing you with additional information relevant to this site.  Your email will not be shared with any third party and all emails you receive from this site will contain an automatic "Unsubscribe" link found at the end of the body of each email.  Simply click on the "Unsubscribe" link in any email you receive from us to stop receiving email from this site.

With regards to the posting of questions and/or comments, there are two options for submitting information.  The first option is to send a message via the "Contact" link, which allows you to send a private email message that will not be viewed by anyone other than the administrators of this website.  The contents of any such messages received by us, as well as any responses to such messages sent by us to you, will be kept strictly confidential.

The other option for submitting questions and/or comments is by means of the public  "Comments" section found on many of the pages of this website.  All comments submitted via the public "Comments" section are of course available to be read by the public on this website.  In addition, when using Facebook commenting, be aware that depending on your selections on your comment submission as well as your privacy settings on your Facebook account, any questions or comments submitted using your Facebook account may appear on your Facebook newsfeed as well as on this website (and therefore may be seen by your Facebok contacts).  If you do not wish to have your comments appear on your Facebook newsfeed, simply be sure that the checkbox for posting to your Facebook wall is unchecked.